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Personalized Advice

While workplace seminars are an excellent way to provide financial education, providing access to one-on-one financial planning consultation allows privacy for personal financial topics. There are countless types of “advisers”. Unfortunately, a very large number of “advisers” are sales representatives working on sales goals or commissions which can create conflicts of interest. We believe it is crucial for a group plan to have provide access to financial advice with no hidden strings attached. That is why we work closely with The Steele Group, a team of dedicated Certified Financial Planners (CFP®), as a resource for individual financial planning needs. 


  • Tailoring income streams for clients

  • Focusing on short – and long term – tax efficiency

  • Being vigilant on net income figure

  • Engaging all of the actions in layering income

  • Providing specific direction on and integration of other income streams (OAS, CPP, pensions, etc.)

  • Revisiting income needs and income strategy on a year-to-year basis


  • Creating portfolios within client risk profile

  • Helping clients select investments and an investment strategy that align with the written plan

  • Providing due diligence on investment and manager selection

  • Monitoring performance

  • Incorporating guaranteed income

  • Striving for tax-efficient 
    investing and income


  • Deciding which assets to use and which to defer

  • Funding TFSA accounts

  • Developing an exit strategy for registered accounts

  • Strategically moving corporate capital to personal accounts

  • Delivering a survivor friendly and estate friendly outcome

  • Monitoring the amount of withdrawals and the rate of withdrawals

  • Identifying opportunities to make locked-in accounts more flexible


  • Investment risk

  • Longevity risk

  • Inflation risk

  • Encroachment risk

  • Withdrawal risk

  • Taxation risk

  • Health cost risk

  • Premature death risk

  • Critical illness risk

  • Disability risk

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