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Our Process

Our philosophy and practice is Do What’s Right for each client. This is no idle motto but rather a factual representation of what we do each day. Our clients’ benefit goals are our main priorities. Regroup Beyond Benefits – more than just another benefits broker. We work directly with owners, HR and finance professionals to set up and maintain customized benefits plans in a timely and cost-effective manner. We are customer service oriented and what sets us apart form the huge brokers is the personal touch and response time. 

No company is the same, therefore no benefits plan should be the same. Here are some examples of the activities involved in setting up a new and maintaining a current group plan:  

1. Analysis

Conducting in depth analysis on your company, employees, and industry to understand the benefits options that make the most sense for both your company and employee needs. 

2. Plan


Developing a proposed plan design to have a solid starting point. 

3. Benchmark


Benchmarking of plan designs to provide confidence that your group benefits and group retirement packages are comparable to the industry average. 


4. Negotiate

Negotiate renewals, funding arrangements, administrative and claims expenses with various insurance carriers on behalf of your company.

5. Leverage


Leverage industry leading illustrators and reports which are customized for your business

6. RTQ


Conduct RTQ (request to quote) with our network of insurance carriers to find benefit costs that are fair, competitive, and ensure the best service options are selected.


7. Support

Support for your employees through the transition and plan implementation when a change in carriers will produce cost savings and enhanced plan design.

8. Educate

Facilitate and host regular plan member education sessions and workplace seminars to provide updates on employer sponsored retirement plan/benefits offerings, current market conditions, as well as specialized seminars based on company request (for example, education planning, retirement planning, debt management, caring for elderly/aging parents, and more.).

9. Assist


Assist new employees with advice and support when choosing benefit options based on their personal family situation, risk tolerance, and to complete member enrolment applications.


10. CFP

Access to certified financial planners which provide ongoing assistance to employees with rebalancing their investment portfolios to meet their retirement objectives and updating personal information on their account.

11. Legislative


Providing updates on an ongoing basis to advise employers of any legislative changes that have an impact on the plan design or administration of the plan.

12. Retention


Assist terminating group retirement savings plan members with retaining their assets and fund options in a personal plan with the insurance carrier.


We are proud to be in scope under the Quality Management System (QMS) and ISO 9001:2015 certification of The Steele Group Financial. Having a QMS in place demonstrates our commitment to ongoing improvement and increased customer satisfaction. Our processes are audited each year to ensure that we meet the rigorous ISO standards. This process demonstrates our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet and exceed client expectations and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

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