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We educate by helping individuals, employees and human resource managers understand the financial products that are available on the market today and which are best suited to their specific needs. Helping organizations make informed and educated decisions about the options that are available to them.


We design group savings plans that have a focus on education and assisting companies to navigate through the complex options of group RRSP, DPSP, DBPP and DCPP to maximize the value of your plan. We also help to monitor those programs and assist with CAP/CAPSA guidelines to ensure our clients meet all regulatory requirements.


We design effective, efficient life & health benefits plans. Our objective is to design the most cost efficient programs that provide the best benefits to your employees at a cost structure that meets the financial realities of your company.


We provide customized personal financial, wealth, and estate planning advice. By using a structured documented approach, you receive clear communication which will provide you with guidance towards your unique goal.


Brett Brohman
Group Benefits &
Retirement Consultant

Brett Brohman, one of our Group Benefits & Retirement Consultants with over 17 years experience


The Founding

Norm Steele entered the industry via Mutual Life's back office, serving clients directly for their financial planning needs and started providing group services. This office was one of the earlier firms adopting a fee based model with no embedded commissions on clients investments.


First Major Dealership Change

Back office services changed from Mutual Life to Clarica, increasing the total offerings to our clients

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